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Delivery Drama? Here’s Your Guide to E-Commerce Shipping!

January 14, 2021 eCommercesame day logistics

54% of consumers under the age of 25 said that same-day shipping is their primary purchase driver. This statistic speaks of the importance of fast shipping to younger people. 

It also speaks of the importance of shipping in general. 

E-Commerce shipping is especially important because more and more products are digitalized. They are sold online as people shop more online. 

With e-commerce products, there also comes shipping, which can reflect a lot about the consumer’s decision to purchase. They consider the shipping costs and how long it takes to arrive. 

If it’s too long, they will shop at other e-commerce stores that ship faster. 

It’s shipping drama!

That’s why you need a guide to e-commerce shipping and what to expect from e-commerce businesses. 

The Basics of E-Commerce Shipping

It’s easy to think of e-commerce shipping and believe there’s nothing to it besides finding a courier and shipping the product. In reality, it’s a bit more complicated. 

As a business, you have to consider if you’re absorbing the costs of shipping and the process in which you are shipping the package. You will have to take into consideration the process of shipping. 

It means asking these questions: 

  • Does your business offer 1-day shipping? 
  • Does your business offer in-store pickup? 
  • What are the shipping costs with each kind of shipping package? 
  • Is there tracking? 
  • Do you offer insurance with your packaging? 

These are just some of the questions associated with the basics of e-commerce shipping. It’s important to take a deeper dive into specifically the shipping and the costs of e-commerce shipping and how it affects your business. 

Shipping Costs

As an E-commerce business, you’ll have to factor into shipping costs and much of it is part of your marketing plan. 

This means offering free shipping and refunds. Can your e-commerce business absorb this financially? It can determine how many customers make a purchase from your site. 

First of all, consider your standard rate of shipping and the methods you are providing. It can give your customers insight on what to expect when they pay beyond just the product and taxes. 

Next, you’ll want to take into consideration the weight of the product and how that factors into shipping. Every package may cost differently based on weight. 

You may also want to consider offering free shipping with orders over a certain price point. It may entice customers to buy more items in order to reach that price point. 

You can also offer discounts on shipping costs as an added incentive. 

Overall, there’s a lot involved when it comes to e-commerce shipping besides how long it takes and how it is shipped. You have to consider how customers see shipping and how price can affect if they buy or not.  

How Long Will It Take to Ship? 

Shipping options are crucial to a customer and a business. For a customer, it means they can receive a package before Christmas or a birthday. Customers rely on faster shipping speeds in order to receive that package on a particular date. 

For a business, it’s very important to offer shipping options beyond just the standard. 

It’s important to offer expedited shipping rates that give the customer the option to receive the package in a day or two. 

You will also have to factor in where the package is being shipped to. If it’s international, how soon can the customer expect to receive it?  

Having various delivery options provides your customers with more options, which results in higher satisfaction. 

You can find more about e-commerce shipping solutions in this blog post that can help you overcome the headaches of e-commerce shipping. 

Factors That Influence Shipping 

In addition to the shipping costs and how long it takes for the package to arrive, it’s important to consider how the customer thinks of shipping and what influences their decision. 

Some of the pre-purchase shipping factors include how you show the costs.

For instance, when a customer is shopping for a pricier product online and they see the costs of shipping is included, they may think less of the shipping costs, which can lead to more purchases. 

However, if you have a product that is priced rather low, you may want to shy away from showing the shipping costs or automatically attaching it to the price of the product. It may scare a potential customer away because they think the price is outrageously high. 

Post-purchase shipping factors may include adding a little bit of style to the packaging. Customers enjoy when businesses add some personalization to each package. 

If you’re trying to add some flare to your packaging and be more unique in your packaging, try adding a note or sending samples. It’s not detrimental to your business if you don’t it, but it does go along way in making someone feel special when they receive your package.

These pre and post-packaging influences can enhance how customers feel about your packaging. You can give them that feeling of joy when they receive your package and take their minds off the shipping costs. 

How to Take Advantage of Shipping

Taking advantage of e-commerce shipping means to be strategic about it. You have to consider multiple factors that can make or break your business, and they all have to do with shipping. 

You have to consider your profit margin if you offer free shipping or refunds. You also have to consider the advantages and disadvantages of offering 1-day shipping or insurance on some products. 

If you can find the right balance when it comes to shipping, you’ll find loyal customers who not only love your product, they love how it arrives and how quickly it arrived. In the end, you’ll end up with happier, more satisfied customers because they trust your business and how you treat their items. 

You can find more information about our services and how we help e-commerce businesses with their shipping.