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How Long does Expedited Shipping Take And Why Is It Better?

February 5, 2020 same day logistics

Each year about $106.2 billion worth of freight gets moved across the country. This is a staggering amount of shipments that can bog down the transport system and cause delays in delivery. 

If you need to get your shipment to its destination fast, you’re going to ask how long does expedited shipping take? 

Read our guide to figure out if expedited shipping is the solution you need for faster delivery. 

How Long Does Expedited Shipping Take

Parcel shipping makes expedited shipping clear. You pay for same day, next day, or two day shipping times. 

Freight expedited shipping can vary widely depending on when and where you ship your package. If the distance is relatively close, then you could get expedited shipping as short as one day. 

But if you plan to ship from LA to New York, then it isn’t possible to drive this distance in one day with a truck. Most expedited shipping will take one to three days. 

Air Shipping Services

For shipments that need to make it across the country in one day, air freight is an option. To use this service, you’d hire a carrier to take your shipment from your warehouse in LA to the airport. 

From there, your freight will get loaded onto a plane and flown across the country to New York. Once landed in New York, you’ll need to hire another freight service to transport your shipment for the last leg of its journey. 

What Is Expedited Shipping?

When a shipment is delivered faster than normal, then it’s considered expedited. The exact definition of service will vary depending on the carrier you work with. 

Some carriers will refer to expedited as “express” or “priority” services. Others will refer to their fast shipping as one day, two day, or three day delivery times. 

When it comes to freight expedited shipping, the truck will rarely make stops. They move directly from the pick-up location to the delivery location. This means that a dedicated truck will get used since stopping to deliver other shipments will slow down shipping times. 

If the delivery is under a seriously tight deadline, then the carrier may even use two drivers. Then the truck can travel further faster by alternating driving duties. 

The Cost of Expedited Shipping 

The faster you need your shipment to get there, the more it will cost. The exact price can vary depending on the carrier you use, the size of the shipment, and the distance the shipment must go. 

You need to balance the need to ship quickly with the extra cost of the speedy shipping.  

When to Use Expedited Shipping 

Anything time-sensitive can benefit from expedited shipping. Some items, such as perishables, have built-in time limits. These items require expedited shipping so that they don’t perish by the time they reach their destination. 

For other items, you may have a deadline you need to meet. If you need to deliver by a particular day based on a contract, then expedited is worth it. That way, you don’t become in breach of your contract and incur financial penalties. 

Finally, some items can benefit from the added security of expedited shipping. If you have high-end luxury items with large profit margins, then the additional cost of expedited shipping can be worth the reduced risk of theft, loss, or damage. 

Why It’s Safer 

If you use a truck for your expedited shipping, it will typically be on a dedicated truck. Because of this, there are fewer stops.

You can also load the truck and lock it until it gets to the delivery location. This will ensure that no one accesses the truck’s contents during transport. 

Shipping your expedited shipment by air reduces your risk even further. Airports have much higher security measures than warehouses and logistics hubs. Planes also don’t make stops between take-off and landing. 

Tracking Capabilities 

Expedited shipping gives you more accurate and up to date tracking abilities. Ask the carrier what tracking system they use to determine how accurately you can track your package. 

Some carriers offer real-time tracking that lets you check the status of your shipment at any time convenient for you. This is vital since you need your package to reach its destination faster. 

Tracking lets you and the other party stay informed of the shipment status. You can then confidently stick to your deadlines. 

Tips When Considering Expedited Shipping 

Now that you know what expedited shipping is and how it works, let’s discuss some tips for helping you schedule your first expedited shipment. 

Start by looking over what the service offers. Carriers can offer several different expedited solutions. Find the service that provides the solution that best fits your needs. 

You should also compare different carriers. You should pick a carrier that has a solid reputation for delivering on time.

Look at the reviews, request a quote, and research the carrier’s safety rating. Choosing a carrier with a strong safety rating and compliance history will reduce the risk of your shipment getting delayed due to an unforeseen event or issue. 

Only choose expedited shipping when the choice makes sense. While fast shipping is great, sometimes it doesn’t make sense financially. 

Schedule Your Expedited Shipment Today 

So how long does expedited shipping take? The answer is that it depends. What you can be confident about is that it is faster than standard shipping. 

If your goods are perishable, then there’s no question, you need to use expedited shipping to get them there fast. Any shipments with a tight deadline can benefit from faster shipping. 

Contact us today, and we can help you find the best shipping solution for your needs and budget.