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How Technology is Transforming the Courier and Logistics Industry

January 20, 2020 same day logistics

As technology continues to change various industries, people can now do things faster and more efficient than ever. The logistics industry is one of the many sectors that are experiencing rapid change.

In today’s world where consumers look for convenience and faster delivery times, incorporating the latest technologies is essential in providing reliable courier services. Thus, you need to find a courier company that openly embraces technology.

But how is technology shaping the courier and logistics industry? What kind of technological trends should you look out for over the next few years?

Continue reading below as we discuss the impact of technology in this dynamic industry.

Understanding Technology’s Influence 

The courier and logistics industry continues to evolve. Technology likewise continues to play a vital role in this evolutionary process. 

In the past, people used animals to deliver items. Today, some companies use trucks that don’t even require any drivers. You can expect more changes like that happening over the next decade.

But for now, let’s take a look at the many ways technology is leaving its imprint on the industry.

Packing Improvements

The packing phase is one of the most important stages in the shipping process. Consumers now use sustainable packing ideas for their shipments. 

As for the courier providers, they turn to technology to improve their deliveries. To help ensure that the items reach the receiver in one piece, some companies use advanced fleet management systems. The systems help in monitoring packages.

They can update the receiver if the package experienced substantial shaking during transit. They can also determine if the package exceeded normal temperature ranges.

In such instances, insurance companies will have a faster time going after courier companies. This brings additional security and value for customers. This also prompts courier service providers to be extra careful.

Robots and Drones

The logistics industry is using more robots and drones like never before. Bigger companies like UPS and Amazon are experimenting with drone technology. They are starting to use drones in their delivery services.

These self-operating drones help reduce company expenses in many ways. Courier service providers no longer need to invest in several heavy trucks. They no longer have to pay numerous drivers.

Additionally, drones help reduce carbon emissions. 

Accurate Tracking

Today, courier and logistics companies enjoy more accurate tracking through real-time GPS technology. On the side of the couriers, they can monitor their vehicles and track their routes. This helps increase their productivity.

The GPS tracker is capable of recording data. Through the data, companies can improve on their weaknesses.

Shifting to the customers’ side, the GPS tracking system allows them to follow the progress of their items. They can request real-time updates on the exact location of the shipment using their smartphones.

Even if the receiver is thousands of miles across the country, you can rest knowing where the goods are. If you are shipping items for your e-commerce business, you can give updates to your customers. In turn, this helps earn the latter’s trust.

Shorter Delivery Times in the Logistics Industry

Technology not only saves companies money, but it also saves them time. Today, courier companies can use tools like the route planner. The route planner can generate the most time-efficient route.

This is most useful when the truck is en route to multiple destinations. 

If you are in the e-commerce business, you want to deliver your products the fastest way possible. Studies reveal that e-commerce companies lose sales because of poor delivery services.

When companies fail to deliver on time, their customers start to look for other options. What’s worse is 37% of online shoppers will likely not purchase from the same online shop again.

Convenient Payment Methods

In the past, customers need to go to the courier office to settle their payments. Today, they don’t need to leave the house at all. There are courier software and apps that offer convenient payment options.

Once the item reaches the receiver, the latter can use his credit card to settle the bill. Moreover, customers will receive an e-receipt for every successful delivery.

Additionally, customers can send in their feedback through the app. They can send their ratings and raise their complaints in case the deliveries are problematic.

Through this open feedback system, courier companies can get a better feel for their customers. They can work on their weaknesses and understand the concerns of their customers.

QR Codes and RFID Tags

The number of courier and logistic companies embracing radio frequency identification (RFID) solutions continue to grow. Companies use RFID and QR codes to track their shipments. 

RFID tagging involves the use of barcodes. The barcodes come with a unified information system that takes care of the tracking. Companies store the information on the shipment as well as the customers in their database.

This allows them to pull out data faster.

Furthermore, companies also use QR codes to introduce loyalty benefits to their customers. By scanning the QR codes on their smartphones, customers can join promos or earn discounts.

Automated Vehicles

Last but not least, expect to see more courier and logistics companies investing in automated vehicles. These are vehicles that don’t require drivers. Companies can program them to deliver products without any stops.

Moreover, automated technology increases safety in deliveries. The vehicles will run according to how the companies program them. There is no more risk of human error when it comes to driving.

Online shopping giant Amazon is trying out the technology. They are starting to use self-driving trucks to move limited amounts of cargo.

They are also testing Scout. It is an electric autonomous delivery device that is the size of a small cooler. Amazon uses it to deliver items to customers’ nearby houses. 

Enjoy Efficient Shipping, Today!

As technology continues to change the courier and logistics industry, you should keep in step with the changes accordingly. You should find a company that openly adapts to the gifts of technology.

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