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Warehousing | NIN Delivers PA Logistics Specialist

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Warehousing Services


NIN Delivers PA stores and ships freight that needs to ship from a central facility quickly. We also provide cross-docking services for shipments in the local area. There are no contracts required and there is never a termination fee. Our asset and non-asset based solutions provide the best possible experience in the warehousing industry.

NIN Delivers PA is part of a network of more than 2,000,000 cubic feet of warehouse space. We can provide a solution for your warehousing needs from coast to coast. Our sprinklered and secured storage areas are camera-equipped for safety and security. We also offer the additional piece of mind of gated and secured areas on the premises.

At Harrisburg Logistic we feature:

  • Barcoding and Scanning
  • Remote Access
  • Seasonal and Over-Flow Storage
  • Pick, Pack and Ship Service
  • Archival Record Maintenance
  • Pallet Storage
  • Both Long and Short Term Storage

We offer flexible terms to meet any need. No long-term commitment is required. Every Rack slot is insured and we offer a selection of sizes to accommodate your specific requirements.